Success Stories


A Beauty Regimen Changed

Phindile Mbuyazi

Ethnic women have used red clay as part of their beauty regimen for millenia. The Ibomvu cosmetics range uses extracts of red clay minerals to offer this beauty secret to women who want natural ingredients in their beauty products.


Heat Suppresssants

Kanya Pakati

Some industrial fires are difficult to put out, because buildings become too dangerous for firefighters to enter, and sprayed suppressants cannot penetrate the core of the fire.  Bullet is a firefighting capsule that is launched into a fire to solve this problem.


Preventing Electricity Theft

Shadrack Litabe & David Ndlovu

Townships all over South Africa suffer electricity theft when people connect to utility cables illegally.  Sagittarius detects theft from prepaid connections and reports it – ensuring that thieves are caught.


Storing Hydro Energy

Sibusiso Mxolisi

Traditional power utilities have excess power at night and can have shortages during the day. TOBE uses bodies of water to store large quantities of energy during the night, then supplies it back to the grid during the day; helping to stabilize the grid and save utilities money.


Shifting Energetic Power

Thamsanqa Nqgalo

Households often leave lights on unnecessarily; wasting money on energy. Swiftshift helps to automatically switch off lights to save money.


Free Electron Charging

Shalton Mothwa

Personal electronic devices tend to run out of power just when they’re needed.  Aeon’s laptop bag uses a free energy source – the radio waves produced by cellphone towers – to harvest energy from the air around us, and charge devices on the go.


A System of Eleminating Queues

Sandile Dlamini

Public health patients have to stand in long queues to get treatment. This is both inefficient and dangerous since airborne diseases like TB infect other patients in the queue.
Noq’s hospital booking system eliminates the queue and the problem.


Terminating Germs

Winile Nzama

Pit toilets are still common in South Africa and they fill quickly while smelling bad. Btum is a probiotic waste decomposer that is sun-activated to create an exponential biological growth that is more eective in reducing the volume of waste, returning it to the soil and reducing smells.


Securing Cable Theft

Willy Sifiso Sibuyi

Willy’s product detects the hampering of legal connection, by cutting off and tracking down illegal connections. Then reporting these activities to the supplier via GPRS.


The Future of Charging

Lindo Makhaye

Electric forklift trucks take up to 8 hours to charge; causing unnecessary downtime. Chargemaestro’s fast green charger allows charging during lunch so that forklifts can work all day.  Chargemaestro also uses solar power to do the charging – reducing carbon emissions.


Even Water Use

Scott Grant & James de Klerk

Gardeners know that most water sprayers don’t provide even coverage; especially on windy days.  Equispray has a uniquely designed mechanism that sprays water through a number of swivelling nozzles.  This garden sprinkler sprays water evenly over a desired area preventing water waste.


Off and On Power Loading

Walter Maimela

Trucks waste much of their fuel on keeping systems like lifts and fridges running while the truck stands still.  Efficient and ecological auxiliary power supplies like eTruck’s system can save logistics companies money and reduce carbon emissions.


Pushing Forward

Thembi Ngcuka

Informal fresh food traders have difficulty transporting, displaying and storing their wares. The Storolla helps them to do these things while helping municipalities to organize and control informal trade in cities.


Safety Gym

Mabuse Sekgothe

Bench press machines are safe but don’t allow sufficient range of 3D movement for a full workout.  Barbells allow this movement but don’t allow full muscle failure when training alone. Mabuse’s chest machine allows both 3D movement and full safety to give a satisfying and intense workout.


Easy Baby Carrier

Mpumelelo Hlongwane

Mothers with small babies using public transport need a convenient stroller that allows them to use both hands when boarding.  The innovative Imbali Baby combines a hands-free baby holder with a stroller to give moms a helping hand.


Versatile Student Work Station

oriole bolus

Eduspace is a multifunctional student work station, that makes it fun for both learners and teacher in developing interactional and social skills.  The work station can be tailored to the activity taking place in a classroom.


Wind Power Generator

Itumeleng Seema & Clement Legwale

Road agencies would prefer to use renewable energy for motor warning lights and cameras on freeways, but solar panels are frequently stolen.  Wintech converts wind energy to electrical energy, from air resistance from passing cars.


Edutainment in a Box

Melissa van Dyk

It is important for children to have fun while learning.  Wada is a constructional toy that teaches spatial skills to children from two years and older.


The new Pet Feeding Frenzy

Tshepo Ndlovu

Ezeefeeder automatically feeds pets while the owners are not at home. The device is connected or programmed to the owners smartphone, making sure that the pets are fed at specific intervals.


Changing Harvest Time

Themba Sehawu

Themba’s all around fruit harvesting device makes fruit picking without bruising the fruit, a much easier task to perform. The device is a tool that picks, prunes and collects, all in one go.


Solving the Dilemmas of Shopping

Itumeleng Seema & Clement Legwale

Leah and Tlou have developed an app that makes your shopping experience more convenient. The function of this application is to simplify the process of choosing a gift for special occasions whilst saving time and money.


Locating Water System

Hollo Matlala

Water wastage is a problem. Hollo’s device is a water security system that detects and monitors water leakages, using sensors and renewable energy.


Power Cleaning for Pots

Malebogo Mashishi

Malebogo has developed a pot scrubbing device that cleans stubborn grime. The hand held device has a rotating head that is attached to a sponge to power clean any dishes.


Hawker Trading Capsule

Sibusiso Mnyamane

Sibusiso’s idea is to develop a multi-purpose trading capsule that could be used as a storage capsule, a goods trolley or a display table. His main aim is to address the challenges faced by both the informal traders and municipality.


Instant Herb Garden

Claire Reid

Claire has come up with an instant food garden, for those who love the experience of picking and eating home grown vegetables and herbs, but are not really in to gardening. Her product is a thin paper strip that contains plant seeds and fertilizer. The strips are planted in the soil, making it super easy to grow and harvest.


Ocean Hydropower

Mpumzi Swana

Mpumzi has developed a unique idea to generate hydroelectricity using ocean waves. This system pumps water from the ocean using the currents and waves of the sea, into a reservoir tank on land. The water then runs down through a turbine and generates electricity.


Speeding up Lab Testing

Omesan Nair

Omesan created a brand new Ipad app that gives instant results for the most common laboratory experiments. This replaces expensive equipment and cuts the time for test results from weeks to seconds.


Evolutionary Toilet System

Paseka Lesolang

Paseka has identified a problem in a lot of toilets – they have a leaky toilet valve. The consequence of this is that they waste five bath tubs of water each day. Paseka’s new toilet valve prevents this waste.


A Modern, Ancient Medicine

Lutendo Magoro

Lutendo is developing a range of products made from an indigenous plant from Venda
called Munugwane. The plant is used as traditional medicine and can cure mouth ulcers
and throat sores. Her main aim is to create a modern branded version of an ancient cure.